Photographer in residence: Katerina Buil

Katerina Buil (Barbastro, Spain - 1987). She grew up in a family of photographers, living the process of the analogical change to digital, that completely transformed the world of photography

With studies in image, she has been professionally dedicated to photography since 2008. She is interested above all in photography that talks about people, introspective and reflexive, something that she considers increasingly difficult to achieve due to the multitude of images that we perceive today.

Since 2016 she has been combining her social photography work with more personal projects.

In 2017 she won the BECA VISIONADOS BFOTO, with a work on the role of women in the rural world, with which she has participated in several exhibitions in Barcelona, the Biennial of Olot photography, etc.

Her latest project revolves around identity: 101 portraits that aim to help us understand who we are.

This is the work she is developing as part of the ‘‘Reconstruction of identities” project. You can check this link to know more about her.


Katerina Buil and students during a portfolio review session and workshop as part of her residency in Savignano.