© Katerina Buil / Ad Hoc

© Katerina Buil / Ad Hoc

  • Encourage dialogue regarding cultural differences and similarities between target groups

  • Moderate boundaries between groups and socialising communities by encouraging the sharing and promotion of images from different cultures and places

  • Sensitise the public to social and cultural issues regarding immigration and cultural and political tensions

  • Offer recognition for the changes that have occurred within communities and the subsequent impact they have on people

  • Introduce local culture to newcomers with the aid of photographical language and contemporary installations

  • Effectively use historical and photographic archives, digitising and enlarging material, in order to simplify the distribution and usage of the photos shot for this project

  • Encourage photography institutions with different profiles to share their experience and stimulate peer to peer capacity building

  • Consolidate and improve the knowledge and skills (digital as well as analog) of the photographers who work in the countries involved with the project, promoting cooperation and transnational mobility

  • Ensure active engagement of every member of the involved communities, inviting them to directly take part in the activities of the project and practice photography, broadening the horizon of the audience while doing so

© Andra Bruce / NOOR

© Andra Bruce / NOOR


  • professional, young and amateur photographers and students

  • established inhabitants of local communities: nationals and migrants

  • public and private photography associations, organisations, institutions, schools/universities/academies